Review on Central Asia

Turkmenistan’s chemical industry enterprises plan to deliver their products to foreign markets. The “Trend” news agency reports that for that purpose the Government of Turkmenistan plans to strengthen cooperation with foreign companies. They also plan to cooperate with their foreign partners in sharing best practices and training of skilled professionals for the industry. This was discussed at the international conference on the development of Turkmenistan’s chemical industry. The state “Turkmenhimiya” group successful operates in Turkmenistan and it includes ten production facilities. The enterprises of the industry mostly produce goods for Turkmenistan’s agroindustrial complex.    



Kazakh and Uzbek agricultural universities managers signed a cooperation memorandum. According to a Central Asian news service, the universities plan implementing joint projects and establishing Agri Tech Hub Uzbekistan to strengthen cooperation in science and education. The Asian Development Bank will provide support for this partnership. The universities leaders also agreed to enhance cooperation in exchange of teaching staff and students and establishment of summer and winter schools.



Uzbek government is focusing on developing its tourism. They are planning to attract more tourists from neighboring Tajikistan. Uzbek travel authorities are actively involved in advertising Uzbekistan’s tourist potential. According to the “Trend” news agency, Uzbek touristic routes are advertised on urban taxi cabs in Tajikistan. Thus travel companies plan to inform population of Tajikistan about Uzbekistan’s sightseeing attractions and to increase their interest in traveling to Uzbekistan. It is much easier to travels between the two countries since visa requirements between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan were abolished.