Afghanistan’s stability and security is a priority for the Central Asian countries

According to the Hungarian expert on Central Asia, Afghanistan’s stability and security is a priority for the Central Asian countries. He said that on top of the bordering countries like Tajikistan or Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan is also interested in economic prosperity of Afghanistan. The past ministerial debates in the UN Security Council organized by Kazakhstan demonstrated the readiness of the countries to solve the Afghan problem by joint efforts. Today, the Central Asian republics contribute to development of Afghanistan. For example, the Afghan students are trained in Kazakhstan, direct communication between Tashkent and Kabul was established by Uzbekistan, whereas gas is exported from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan and Turkmenistan has rebuilt the railway to Afghanistan.  


 - The fight against international terrorism has become a priority for the Central Asian countries since gaining independence due to geographical location. Afghanistan borders two countries, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Kazakhstan is interested in creating stability in Afghanistan since this is a region-wide interest.

The Central Asian states intend to strengthen cooperation with Afghanistan. First of all, it will be done through implementation of specific projects in the transit-transport, infrastructure, trade-economic, investment and energy sectors. The representatives of the republics urge to consider Afghanistan not as a threat, but as an important and promising partner with an undisclosed economic potential.


 - Terrorist groups are not the main problem and threat to Afghanistan. The most important question is whether the country’s territorial integrity will be restored.  The collapse of Afghanistan can destabilize the entire Central Asian region. The economic prosperity of Afghanistan promises Kazakhstan and other countries great prospects and increased investment opportunities.

Afghanistan will hold parliamentary elections on October 20th. As noted in the country’s Central Election Commission, in mid-April, registration of voters will begin. According to experts, the upcoming parliamentary elections will be the main rehearsal for the presidential election which is scheduled for 2019. This will show whether the government will be able to resolve security topics in the state.