Tourism development in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is attracting more and more foreign tourists with its unique nature, diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage and ancient traditions. 1.5 - 2 million tourists visit Kyrgyzstan per year. Mountain climbers, mountain skier and ethnic culture lover come here year around. The tourist season peaks in summer, when visitors are attracted to the unique resort beaches of the Issyk-Kul. The industry is beneficial for the Kyrgyz economy. No wonder that its development is a priority for the government. Kyrgyz Parliament members suggest introducing mandatory fees for foreigners. According to them, these funds will be allocated for creating favorable conditions for tourists.


 - We need to invite more tourists and collect at least a small amount of money, because we need funds to create the necessary conditions. We don’t have mineral resources; that is why we need to move along this path and attract tourists.

The amount of the estimated tax is twenty dollars for every tourist. By introducing the mandatory tourist fees, Kyrgyzstan will annually make thirty million dollars at least. However, businessmen say that this decision is premature.


 - Unfortunately, Kyrgyzstan is not well known for those who are choosing a country to visit. And some tourists may pick other countries over because of our introduction of this additional fee of twenty dollars.

Experts say that additional funds are required for further development of the tourism industry. They will allow modernizing the infrastructure, improving the quality of services, developing offers, introducing new routes and making Kyrgyzstan more attractive in general. And all the parties will benefit from it – the businessmen and Kyrgyz economy in general. And it will certainly positively affect the tourist attractiveness of the Central Asian region in general.