Central Asia: Economic Cooperation

Central Asian countries are expanding economic cooperation. This will facilitate the development of the entire region, analysts say. The focus is on the industrial production and machine building. The cars of the Kazakh assembly can be found in the streets of Dushanbe. Due to the comfort of the automobiles, they gained popularity among the local residents. Last year, the Tajiks bought the cars of the Kazakh assembly for the first time. This became possible after an agreement which was signed between the auto-holdings of the two countries.


 - Our company will implement this project step by step until 2020. The company delivers cars to update the car park of Tajikistan, in particular, in Dushanbe. At the moment, we have shipped more than 150 cares to Dushanbe.

Another batch of cars  will  be shipped from Kostanai to Dushanbe. According to the partners, both parties benefit from the agreement. Tajikistan’s market is attracted to the  affordability and quality of the Kazakh cars. The Kazakh manufacturers are set to build exports even more.


 - As part of the agreement with the representatives of Tajikistan, we have signed the agreement for shipment of 1,000 cars. Today we are organizing the shipment of the second batch. Until the end of the year we are planning to fulfill all our obligations to the Tajik side.

Cooperation with the Uzbek automobile manufacturers has been established, too. This year, the Uzbek sedans of the Kazakh assembly hit record sales. Within the first two months, car dealers sold more than 1,000 cars.


 - These cars are available and in demand in Kazakhstan. We want to work on other models, particularly, expanding the lineup for another three cars.

The parties are considering the possibility of building a dry port in border areas. Representatives of Uzbekistan showed interest in importing almost everything from Kazakhstan including oil and metal, grain and flour. In return, Uzbeks are ready to export gas, textiles and construction materials.


 - Today, the Uzbek companies export ceramic plates to the Kazakh market.

The representatives of Kazakhstan and Tajikistan are also expanding their partnerships in the digital industry. In 2017, the Kazakh company won a tender for the implementation of the World Bank’s project. Today domestic specialists help the Tajik colleagues to create a portal for electronic public procurement. The republics intend to strengthen the region’s transit and transport potential. In the near future the train will be launched  between Astana and Samarkand. A multiple entry visa will be introduced between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, so that the foreign travelers can visit both countries. Experts say, this proves that the potential of mutual partnerships is not limited to one area which will expand year by year.