Review on Central Asia

The United Nations supports the Afghanistan-Turkmenistan-Azerbaijan transit corridor project. According to journalist from the Trend news agency Gusein Gasanov, the decision was made at a regular meeting of the UN Security Council. Railways and motorways will connect the Turgundi city of the Afghan Herat province with Ashgabat and then with the Caspian port of Turkmenbashi. The corridor will continue to Baku, pass through Tbilisi and lead to Ankara with its branches going to Poti and Batumi and through Ankara to reach Istanbul. The project's budget is estimated at US$2 billion. It is aimed at increasing the economic integration of the region and the volume of trade .


Farmers of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan will develop a new sheep breed. According to Trend news agency journalist Fikret Dolukhanov with reference to Sputnik Uzbekistan, scientists of the two countries are planning to mix the gissar and yedilbai breeds. During the visit of the Samarkand Company representatives to Shymkent, the parties held talks on creation of a joint livestock complex. Uzbek breeders were surprised by the size of the yedilbai breed, the weight of the animal reaches 110 kilograms on average. The Kazakh sheep belong to tail-fat breeds. The breeds can tolerate harsh weather conditions and when the breeds are crossed, these traits are passed on to an offspring.



According to the CA-News, the legacy of great Kazakh poet and thinker Abai will be studied in Uzbekistan. The Uzbek President signed the decree on popularizing the leagcy of the famous writer and philosopher. This will further strengthen the friendship between the fraternal nations, development of cultural and humanitarian ties between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan as well as the wider familiarization of the Uzbek public, especially the young people, with the Kazakh literature and art.