Almaty power plant-1 reduces harmful emissions three times

Over the past three years, Almaty power plant-1 has reduced its emissions of harmful substances into the environment three times. This became possible due to the transition to gas. The gasification project was implemented by Samruk-Energo JSC.

“Presently, 800 tonnes of solid household particles are emitted, compared to 3,000 tonnes in the past. We used to burn around 380,000 tonnes of coal in a year. Currently, the fuel depot is covered with earth where grass grows,” said Isakhan Syrgabayev, Managing Director of the Power Plant-1.

The power plant-1 provides heat and hot water to the central and eastern parts of Almaty. The plant is located within the city, which is why the transition to natural gas was a necessary step. It greatly facilitated the work of the power plant’s specialists. Previously, they had to crush the coal to a certain fraction, and soot scattered around uncontrollably.

“On average, a resident of Almaty burns around 400-500 cubic meters of gas per month. It makes about 0.7-0.8 cubic meters of an hourly consumption. We now use 71,000 cubic meters of gas, which covers approximately 100,000 houses,” added Syrgabayev.

Thermal power of the station is at 1,203 gigacalories per hour. This means that the plant can provide 1,350 nine-storey houses with gas. Samruk-Energo now plans to switch Almaty power plant-2 and power plant-3 to gas.