Kazakh Senate adopts amendments for through rates to support renewable energy sources

Senate, the Upper House of Kazakh Parliament adopted amendments, which establish through rates to support the renewable energy sources. Members of the Senate opined that this will ensure stable and sustainable functioning of the country’s electric power industry. The innovation will also allow to reduce the system’s dependence on external sources. There is a benefit in terms of money as well, since the funds for regulatory services will now stay in the country due to the new rules. It makes up a substantial sum over a year, nearly 10 to 12 billion tenge (up to US$28.4 million). Presenting the project, Member of the Senate Shavkat Utemisov highlighted that the investment attractiveness of the renewable energy sector will also increase. The bill does not require the allocation of funds from the state budget, he noted.

“First, the tasks of the bill include: stimulation of the construction of flexible facilities; establishment of the through rates for support of renewable energy sources; creation of favorable conditions for the development of renewable energy. To date, we have a surplus of electricity in our country. It amounted to 3,000 megawatts at the end of 2019,” said Shavkat Utemisov.


Photo: eenergy.media