Kazakhstan to improve product labeling system

Kazakhstan plans to improve product labeling system. This will increase competitiveness of exported goods and protect from counterfeit ones. For example, this measure will be introduced in product lines of six areas as part of the Eurasian Economic Union. Currently, fur and tobacco products are subject to labelling. Pilot projects on labeling medicines, alcoholic drinks, shoes and dairy products have also been launched. It is assumed that with the introduction of such a procedure for these product lines, the volume of legal trade turnover will amount to 337 billion tenge (US$786.4 million), while budget revenues will amount to 58 billion tenge (US$135.3 million). According to a plan until 2025, the overall effect may exceed 2.6 trillion in the national currency (over US$6 billion). Free mobile applications Naqty Sauda and Naqty Onim will be launched to check legality of the goods.


Photo: tsargrad.tv