Land tax to be eliminated for residents of apartment houses in Kazakhstan

Land tax to be eliminated for residents of apartment houses in Kazakhstan

The elimination of land tax for apartment owners is reasonable and fair, opined Kazakh Deputy Finance Minister Kanat Bayedilov at a meeting of the Senate, the Upper House of Kazakh Parliament. To date, 1.5 million people have 3.3 million apartments in residential buildings in the country. The average tax payment for each is 60 tenge (US$0.14). Sending notifications to apartment owners and controlling tax payments are much more costly for the state.

“For example, when a citizen does not pay the land tax in time, we send him a notification by mail. The cost of one message is 510 tenge (US$1.20). The state pays. That is why I consider it reasonable and fair to eliminate this tax,” noted Bayedilov.

During the meeting, members of the Senate proposed to exempt owners of private houses from the land tax as well.

“The land tax on a private house cannot be compared with the tax on an apartment. The land tax rate is much higher. Secondly, according to the results of last year, the income from the land tax amounted to 2.7 billion tenge (over US$6.3 million),” added Bayedilov.

During the meeting, taxation for vehicles was proposed to be deferred as well. The measure comes into force on December 31 of this year and will last until April 1 of next year. Again, all this for the convenience of taxpayers. After discussing the document, the Senate sent the bill “On taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget” for revision to the Mazhilis, Lower House of Kazakh Parliament.