“80% of Kazakh oil companies switched to green technologies,” experts say

80 percent of Kazakh oil enterprises have switched to green technologies, the so-called principles of the best available technologies (BAT). In other words, most of the local companies that produce harmful emissions during their operations have begun to intensively use environmentally friendly working methods. This was concluded by the experts of a special Bureau that keeps monitoring the enterprises online. They started with the refining industry, the representatives of which showed that plants are ready for change, carrying out modernization and investing in new environmentally friendly equipment. The majority meets the required standards. The experts said that they have to check almost 100 such organizations by the end of next July. In total, more than 2,500 enterprises in the country are included in the first category of major polluters.

“A list of 97 enterprises has been approved. 50 companies out of them are the facilities of the largest category subject to mandatory on-site review, the remaining 47 enterprises will be examined using desk review.  Visiting periods are shifted a little due to the quarantine measures. The BAT Bureau plans to begin on-site reviews with the participation of world experts from the next year, particularly from January. Large cities as Atyrau, Temirtau, Oskemen, Pavlodar and others will be inspected by the experts who will see the current situation firsthand,” said Serik Nurkenov, Chief Expert of the Best Available Technologies Bureau.


Photo: oilcapital.ru