Almaty combined heat and power plant-2 to switch to gas by 2025

Almaty combined heat and power plant #2 (CHP) will completely switch to gas by 2025. This was announced at public hearings held in Almaty in a videoconference format. Representatives of the feasibility study developers of KazNIPI “Energoprom” project, of the Almaty Power Plants Company as well as of the Almaty City Green Economy Department took part in the meeting. They discussed the impact and consequences of various options for the plant modernization on the environment.

“The public hearings on regulatory procedures was the final stage. We will make all the necessary amendments and sum up the cost in early November. The full feasibility study will be sent for a comprehensive non-departmental examination, where an environmental examination will be carried out as well,” said Maxim Vassilyev, Chief Engineer of the KazNIPIenergoprom JSC.

The CHP-2 is the largest urban energy source that provides 64 percent of the population and 36 percent of legal entities. However, the environmental situation in Almaty is unfavorable. More than 123,000 tons of harmful substances, mainly nitrogen dioxide, are emitted into the atmosphere per year. Up to 27 percent of the total amount of emissions comes from the power plant.

“In other words, we will burn gas instead of coal. That is, the prime cost will rise, of course. At the moment, Samruk Kazyna Fund, the Government and the Mayoral office of Almaty work on funding issues for the project with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and also other banks,” added Gazy Ismuhambetov, Chairman of Management for Production, Senior Principal Engineer at the Ales JSC.

Emissions of the CHP-2 will decrease 5.5 times in switching to gas. The phased switching of eight boilers of the power plant will begin in 2023. The work will be completed in 2025.