Kazakhstan and France to enhance cooperation

Kazakhstan and France to enhance cooperation

The COVID-19 pandemic and closed borders are not an obstacle for new projects. In particular, businesspeople from France and Kazakhstan intend to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the fields of agriculture, digital technologies and education. The corresponding decision was made during the visit of the Kazakh delegation to the Pays de la Loire.

“It is important to be closer to local clients. If we want to enter markets, since after all we have heard, Kazakhstan seems to us as an attractive territory, and not only Kazakhstan, but also other countries nearby, it makes sense to go there. Many of our entrepreneurs are considering not only export opportunities, but also opening their production facilities there,” said Bruno Voisard, President of the International Ouest Club.

During the negotiations, the French manufacturer of industrial pumps expressed its intention to open a branch of its enterprise in the city of Aktau already next year. It is expected that the plant’s products will be supplied to oil companies in Kazakhstan, China and Uzbekistan. The investment amount stands at half a million euros.

Until now, we have been engaged exclusively in equipment sales. Our project is about manufacturing or the so-called delayed differentiation of pumps, in order to adapt them for the Kazakh market. We are also going to do some customization. So, we plan to hire engineers and technicians who are going to install and maintain the pumps,” added Geoffroy Guise, Oil & Gas Sales Team Manager in a French company.

The French businesspeople also intend to pay a return visit to Kazakhstan.


Photo: 24.kz