Kazakhstan and Turkey expand agricultural cooperation

Kazakhstan and Turkey intend to build a plant for the production of veterinary drugs and vaccines. A major investment project was made possible following the signing of a number of agreements between the two countries. Production is planned to be set in the Turkistan region.   

“We agreed to attract Turkish investments in three stages. The first stage will be the construction of a plant for the production of veterinary drugs and vaccines. The construction is scheduled to begin in 2020. The enterprise will be put into operation already in 2021. It will be a fully domestic plant,” shared an entrepreneur Toregeldy Kalmuratov.

The livestock sector is well developed in your country. Therefore, the livestock must be protected from various diseases. The plant to be built in Kazakhstan will in the long term provide agricultural products to the markets of neighboring countries as well,” said Turkish entrepreneur Abdullah Tutar.

In addition, the Kazakh and Turkish parties signed an agreement on the construction of an apple tree nursery in the Almaty region.

“We signed an agreement on implementation of the project worth more than US$20 million. The project will enable us to cover the needs of gardeners and farmers with high-quality planting materials to be grown by us. It is planned to build a laboratory as part of this project. Planting materials will be provided to Almaty region, Turkistan region and Zhambyl region. These are the regions that produce fruit and berry products the most,” said Serik Sadykov, Chairperson of the Kazakh Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute

Another agreement signed by the agriculture ministries of the two countries concerned the launch of a sugar factory in Pavlodar region. Turkish entrepreneurs are also ready to invest in the cultivation of strawberries, sugar beets and oilseeds.


Photo:  24.kz