Kazakh government discusses issues of veterinary and phytosanitary safety

Kazakh Agriculture Ministry proposes to establish phytosanitary and veterinary inspection posts at the state border. For this purpose, the relevant ministry requests three billion tenge (US$7 million) from the state budget. The money is also planned to be used for the creation of appropriate national traceability systems, as well as for the installation of additional stations that will check the products imported into Kazakhstan. Measures to improve the epizootic situation in the country were discussed today at the government meeting as well. Kazakh Prime Minister Askar Mamin gave a number of instructions.

“I instruct the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Justice, together with the concerned state bodies, to simplify the procedures for registering with the justice authorities the decisions of local executive bodies on introducing or lifting quarantine and restrictive measures. National systems of veterinary and phytosanitary traceability need to be developed by Kazakh Agriculture Ministry in conjunction with the concerned state bodies to organize effective monitoring,” Mamin said.

For the first time in 15 years, 873,000 birds or nearly two percent of poultry died of avian influenza in Kazakhstan, Kazakh Minister of Agriculture Saparkhan Omarov announced. He said that the number of regions in which bird flu was detected reached eight, with bird deaths recorded in the East Kazakhstan region as well. Omarov said that the emergency response team was formed at the ministry and in the field, quarantine and a ban on the import and export of poultry were introduced. Mamin stated that the situation with the bird flu has stabilized and is under special control.


Photo:  primeminister.kz