Kazakh government discusses results of economic development over 9 months

There were positive developments in Kazakhstan’s economy in September, reported Kazakh Minister of National Economy Ruslan Dalenov at a Government’s meeting. He informed that the service sector and business activities are accelerating in the country. The investments volume increased as well.

“Investments into the country’s economy grow. There are positive indicators in the fields of healthcare, communication, water supply, housing construction, agriculture, the manufacturing sector and the automotive industry,” said the minister.

The real economy’s performance remains robust at 2.2 percent. The minister said that this is directly related to the development of export potential and the attraction of investments in this sector.

The export amounted to US$31.9 billion in 8 months, which provided a positive trade balance of US$8.1 billion. Export of finished and processed products increased. During the period from January to August, car exports grew 5.7 times, ferrosilicon – 5.4 times, sunflower oil – 86.1 percent, iron bar – 33.1 percent, titanium ingots – 9.5 percent,” Dalenov highlighted.

Domestic production also develops quite intensively. Indicators in manufacturing industry have grown over nine months. Ruslan Dalenov said that there is a growth in automotive industry by 51.6 percent, pharmaceuticals by 39.8 percent. The country began producing more finished metal goods, paper products and light industry goods.


Photo: egemen.kz