Kazakh senators offer to digitize agricultural sector

Members of the Senate of the Kazakh Parliament raised the issue of the lack of agricultural statistics’ integrity, including number of harvested crops, quality of seeds and the areal extents of pests and diseases. The solution can be the complete digital transformation of the field. The senators are confident that this will help receive objective evidence.

“The introduction of the remote sensing technologies in all developed countries was preceded by the development of a technique for decoding aerospace images for each region, the formation of a single platform for spatial data. This is essential to obtain complete information. We do not have such consistency in the digitalization of the agro-industrial complex, and we again start the work at the wrong end. This affects the effectiveness of the multibillion-dollar public investments that are now being invested in space monitoring of the earth,” said Akhylbek Kurishbaev, Member of the Senate.

The senators offered to transfer a lot in the livestock industry into the digital format as well. It is necessary to automate the entire system of animal registration and veterinary documentation, almost completely eliminating the influence of the human factor. Akhylbek Kurishbaev noted that in order to test it, it is first needed to launch a pilot project in one of the regions, and then throughout the country.

“The use of digital technologies in agriculture will not only increase the agricultural data credibility, but also save thousands of governor offices workers the unusual work of collecting various kinds of reports and information. This will also save Kazakh veterinarians the unnecessary paperwork and allow them to focus on their main work,” Kurishbaev noted.

The main goal of the digital transformation is to maximize the efficiency of the industry both in the quality of the launched products and the use of labor resources.


Photo: globalcentre.hse.ru