Kazakhstan plans to increase volume of meat supplies to China

China is ready to significantly increase the purchase of meat made in Kazakhstan. To date, the list of suppliers of this type of product to China includes nine Kazakh exporting companies. 35 more domestic meat processing enterprises are expected to be added to this list soon. The main condition is that they must meet all the requirements of the Chinese party.

 “Chinese requirements are very similar to the world standards. Of course, they are quite extensive. Firstly, according to China's requirements, it is necessary to have a separate butcher shop and a separate slaughter shop,” said Danagul Satova, Coordinator for China in Kazakh Ministry of Agriculture

This meat processing plant produces up to 8,000 tons of meat products per year, but the manufacturer is ready to increase its capacity to 10,000 tons of marble beef, high-quality American Angus and Hereford breed as well as Choice category meat carcasses for steaks. In short, the product is expensive, organic and is considered a delicacy. It has already been appreciated not only by Kazakh, but also by Russian and Chinese gourmets.

 “Farmers have been waiting for the opening of Chinese market. We have a great potential.  I think that no country in the world has so much pasture that we can use. We have 222 million hectares of agricultural lands, 180 million of which are pasture lands. 100 million hectares out of these are not operating at the moment. The opening of such a market will allow us to create a good infrastructure and generate farmers’ interest in raising beef cattle,” shared Kazakh Deputy Minister of Agriculture Gulmira Issayeva.


Photo:  inform.kz