Karagandy region to focus on development of fish industry

Karagandy region to focus on development of fish industry

Fish industry production is planned to be increased in Karagandy region. For this purpose, a regional program will be worked out here, reported the press service of the governor’s office. The region has commercial fish species such as carp, European carp, crucian carp, Caspian roach, perch, bream, ide, roach, pikeperch, catfish and pike.

There are also five water basins, including Nura-Sarysu, Balkhash-Alakol, Yesil, Irtysh and Tobyl-Torgai. There are 127 fishery reservoirs of local importance and three of national.

The products of local fish producers are well known abroad. One of the largest enterprises in the region exported about 70 tons of its products in just six months. A sturgeon farm operates in Bukhar-Zhyrau district, using the method of closed water supply. The enterprise specializes in obtaining and processing black caviar, as well as industrial processing and sales of high quality products. The Karagandy fish hatchery works for the needs of the region and other regions of the state. It also exports fish stock to neighboring countries. If there were sales markets, it would be possible to grow up to 7.5 million fingerlings of various fish species and 300 million larvae.

“The region increased subsidies to improve the productivity and quality of aquaculture products this year. Funding will grow. This will allow companies to purchase new equipment and machinery. Water bodies are stocked and certified annually to preserve biodiversity,” the governor’s office noted.

The region plans to grow at least 230 tons of valuable commercial fish species per year and catch up to 1,200 tons per year and even more by 2030.

In general, over the past five years, fish production has grown more than five times from 1,800 tons in 2016 to the planned 10,000 tons in 2020. In the last eight months alone, the volume of caught and produced fish increased from 26,300 to 31,300 tons.

In accordance with the developed Concept for the Development of Fisheries, the production potential in Kazakhstan is 600,000 tons per year. Experts said that the potential export volume exceeds 300,000 tons annually.


Photo: kursiv.kz