What do Kazakh exporters learn in second stage of QazTrade Accelerator Program?

What do Kazakh exporters learn in second stage of QazTrade Accelerator Program?

The QazTrade Accelerator program of Kazakh Ministry of Trade and Integration is in full swing. Currently, webinars and training are held regularly for entrepreneurs who want to expand their export opportunities. Kazakh businesspeople are taught practical skills, including the intricacies of negotiating with foreign partners and in particular, studying sales channels to China. Domestic businesses are also told about the financial support offered by the state, which is available for exporters, such as advance payments, deferred payment under the contract, pre-export financing and loan insurance. It is these tools that help Kazakh exporters obtain concessional financing when entering foreign markets.

“Since the end of July, we have been actively working on the acceleration program. Two-week individual meetings have already been completed, which identified the problems of exporters, as well as the competitive advantages of each participant in the Chinese market. The second stage of the export accelerator program has started. It prepares enterprises for signing contracts with partners from China,” said Arman Abenov, General Director of the QazTrade Center for Trade Policy Development. 

Another online seminar ‘The main sales channels in China’ was held the other day. International experts shared their experience in working with Chinese partners. They stressed that currently China is the world’s leading nation in terms of the number of e-commerce platforms. Online sales account for nearly 30 percent of total retail sales of consumer goods. In this regard, experts strongly recommend exporters to pay special attention to studying online sales tools in the Chinese market. Another piece of advice that was given to Kazakh entrepreneurs is to study each Chinese region as separate markets with their own peculiarities.

According to Kazakh Ministry of Trade and Integration, as part of the support to exporters, the products of domestic food manufacturers will be sent to Shanghai to participate in the third China International Import Expo - CIIE 2020. The exhibition will be held virtually from November 5 to 10. Representatives of participating companies will present their exhibits online. Experts say that this would also support export-oriented producers.


Photo: biz360.ru