Unique for Central Asia enterprise is being built in Shymkent

Unique for Central Asia enterprise is being built in Shymkent

Industrial zones are a way of industrial development, the emergence of high-tech industries and attracting investments. One of them is an industrial zone “Ontustik” (South), where the construction of a plant for the production of aluminum cans with a lid has begun. The enterprise is unique for Central Asia. The plant is planned to produce up to 500 million cans per year in the future.

“There is a great demand for aluminum cans. Previously, it was imported from Russia, this was very costly because of high logistics costs. Our product will be import substituting,” said the plant founder Rustam Suhov.

Commissioning works have already been conducted at the largest metal rolling plant of Shymkent. After its start-up with foreign participation, the enterprise will manufacture more than 500,000 tons of finished products per year.

“We have recently begun working. We produce triangles, quadrangles, rebar, structural channel. The sizes are different,” said the enterprise’s founder Aiman Amirbekova.

A glass container plant is also in great demand. It produces products for manufacturers of carbonated drinks, milk, juices and others. Meanwhile, mayoral office of Shymkent informed that other industries are planned to be launched in the city. Their cost is estimated at billions of tenge.

“As part of the state program of industrial and innovative development, in the first two five-year periods from 2011 to 2019, 105 projects were implemented in our city for a total of nearly 182 billion tenge (more than US$431 million). In the third five-year plan from 2020 to 2025, we are planning to implement 35 projects for a total amount of 328 billion tenge (over US$777 million),” Deputy Mayor of Shymkent Aibek Sattybayev shared.
New production facilities will be opened in such areas as light, food industry and pharmaceuticals.


Photo: 24.kz