Kazakhstan actively attracts foreign investments

Kazakhstan actively attracts foreign investments

Kazakhstan attracted US$3.6 billion foreign investments this year. According to finprom.kz, the Netherlands, the United States and Russia invested into the country more than others.

A favorable investment climate has been created in the state today. For example, a simplified tax regime is operating, national legislation is constantly being improved, and the package of investment preferences is expanding.

One of the key investment magnets of the country is the Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC). This is a unique institution in Eurasian Economic Union and Central Asia, which is designed to support the investment inflow and the development of domestic financial market. The AIFC has a special legal regime based on the principles of English law and an independent regulatory environment based on the best international standards as well as a wide range of services provided by the Centre's stock exchange. Over the years of its operation, the AIFC has already shown its effectiveness as a platform for attracting investments. More than 500 companies from 42 countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, China, Russia, Italy, Finland, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and many others have registered on its basis.

The results of six months of this year showed that the global economy maintained its dynamics of downturn. The introduced quarantine measures aimed at controlling the spread of the pandemic seriously affected the economic activity. Despite this, according to the estimates of many international rating agencies, Kazakhstan maintains a low level of public debt and a significant amount of fiscal reserves, sufficient to cushion external shocks.

According to the forecast data of Kazakh Ministry of National Economy, the real growth of the country's GDP in 2021 will be 2.8 percent, and in 2025 - 4.6 percent. Positive growth is expected in all basic industries. This year, the rating agencies Moody’s and FitchRatings confirmed the rating of Kazakhstan at the level of investment reliability.


Photo: inform.kz