Construction of toll roads in Kazakhstan is in full blow

Construction of toll roads in Kazakhstan is in full blow

It is planned to commission the Karagandy-Balkhash highway ahead of schedule, KazAvtoZhol Chairperson Ulan Alipov said during an online session.

“The length of the Karagandy-Balkhash road is 363 kilometers. The works are now well underway. We want to complete it by the end of next year, with only some small work that might be left to do,” Alipov said. 

According to the project timeline, the works were planned to be completed in May 2023, but KazAvtoZhol intends to accelerate and finish the project in 2021. Alipov also said how many kilometers of roads in Kazakhstan will become toll roads.

“This year we should complete the installation of toll booths at 5,800 kilometers of roads and launch them in test mode. We were instructed to work out in detail the issue of rates through public hearings, and we will continue this work. We must introduce 11,000 kilometers of toll roads by the end of 2024,” Alipov said.

The ‘Nurly Zhol-2’ state program has started. From 2015 to 2020, under the ‘Nurly Zhol-1’ state program, 13,000 kilometers of roads were reconstructed and 8,000 kilometers of roads were converted to the first and second categories.