Teams of change managers start working in Kazakhstan

Teams of change managers start working in Kazakhstan

Nearly 300 mentors and teams of ‘change managers’ presented new approaches and ideas for solving 37 specific problems in 11 public policy fields, including construction, tourism, healthcare, logistics, reforming the media sphere and geological exploration.

At a session chaired by Kazakh Prime Minister Askar Mamin, officials told how they are going to change the work of state institutions and ministries. The program is being implemented as part of “Yel Umiti” initiative by the First President of Kazakhstan. Its goal is the high-quality execution of the “100 Concrete Steps” Nation's Plan.

It is about increasing the self-sufficiency of the national economy, the formation of Kazakhstan as a regional food hub, the development of new approaches to attracting high-quality investment and the creation of a strong entrepreneurial class. Government also plans to actively promote the country’s exports, ensure accelerated digitalization, develop education and advanced science, strengthen the healthcare system and further build up infrastructure.

“Investments in education and human development are the main factor for sustainable and long-term economic growth. Every successful idea, practice, reform was made by a person. Each of you has the potential, professional knowledge and, most importantly, the desire to make a personal contribution to the prosperity of Kazakhstan,” PM said.

He also instructed the Government’s members to pay special attention to regular working meetings with their industry teams and provide the necessary assistance in the implementation of the tasks. This is understandable, because in the near future they are expected to have specific clear plans on how to introduce new ideas.

The program for training industry managers in change management was initiated by the Foundation of the First President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. According to the results of a competition, 230 experts were selected out of 2,958 applicants. They are experienced professionals who have worked in leading national and foreign organizations. More than 50 experts representing both the public and private sectors of Kazakhstan, the United States and European countries participate as mentors in the program.