Nearly 17,000 entrepreneurs apply on to resume their activities

Nearly 17,000 entrepreneurs apply on to resume their activities

Business is attacking platform. Kazakh entrepreneurs actively register on the website to start working again after the long-term “quarantine” hiatus. This platform provides a document that allows resuming activity. Small and medium-sized business entities need to go to the website and receive a regulation of observance with sanitary requirements. Almost 17,000 entrepreneurs appealed through the service in the last day alone.

“It is imperative that business takes responsibility for the health safety requirements that have been widely discussed and accepted through the Chamber of Entrepreneurs. I would like to emphasize that taking into account the business’ increased responsibility, when the business guarantees observance with sanitary rules under its responsibility, we agreed to involve only notifications of up to 90 percent of types of entrepreneurial activities, which means no inspections,” said Kazakh Health Minister Alexey Tsoy.

No inspections do not mean no responsibility. Any consumer can report violations to regulatory authorities as part of the public control. Monitoring groups will arrive if there are complaints. Public control also operates in Kazakhstan, a person can write a letter to the sanitary control services about violations on the same website