Central Asia and China initiate political dialogue on continuing cooperation

Central Asia and China initiate political dialogue on continuing cooperation

Central Asian countries and China spoke in favor  and decided to continue regular multilateral cooperation, which will be facilitated by the start of the “Central Asia – China” political dialogue.

At the first ministerial meeting held via video conference, the foreign ministers of China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan came to an agreement and adopted a Joint Statement, press office of Kazakh Foreign Ministry reported.

China and Central Asian countries discussed opportunities for cooperation in the areas of digital transformation, financial services, e-commerce and smart cities.

"The parties are ready to establish cooperation in the applied science field, in particular, in the production of high-technology products, as well as to develop cooperation in pharmaceutical industry," Kazakh Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

In addition, China expressed interest in increasing imports of high-quality and environmentally friendly agricultural products from Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries. China announced its readiness to organize green corridors. The priority will be given to the Belt and Road Initiative in order to ensure uninterrupted cross-border freight traffic, and the parties will continue to support its implementation.

During the video conference, high priority was given to the issues of close cooperation in the fight against the current pandemic. Analyzing the situation in the region, China and five countries of Central Asia (C+C5) agreed to closely cooperate in tackling negative ramifications caused by  COVID-19 pandemic and in restoring the economies of the countries of the region.

"The meeting participants spoke in favor of joining efforts in promoting regional economic integration, enhancing trade and stimulating mutual investment," the message said.


Photo: gov.kz