Medical equipment enterprises in Kazakhstan gain momentum

Medical equipment enterprises in Kazakhstan gain momentum

A new enterprise on production of personal protective equipment began working in Kazakhstan’s capital. It produced more than one million medical facemasks in two weeks, making up to 180,000 masks a day. The plant employees supply 80,000 to 120,000 masks to pharmacies and polyclinics of Nur-Sultan. Automated and semi-automated machines produce the masks of high quality, because fabrics and rubber are imported from Turkey and Iran. Specialists who have studied abroad check each batch and wrap masks in packs of 50 each.

“Masks are made of special waterproof fabrics that passed quality control. Cotton and textile masks have a low level of protection. That is why it is necessary to use masks that are made of spunbond and meltblown. Our three-layer masks are made of such fabrics and can protect respiratory system up to 92 percent,” said the director of the enterprise.

In the future, the company plans to produce masks for children. Experts prepare a project for the disposal of light-emitting diodes. To increase the turnover, the plant managers made contracts for the supply of additional lines of reusable respiratory masks FFP2,FFPP3,KN95.

Shymkent decided to cover the demand on essential ventilators. According to the press service of the local mayoral office, one of the enterprises in the city plans to soon launch its own production with the support of authorities. The city’s Mayor Murat Aitenov has previously discussed this issue with the director of the company Rakhat Baizakov.

“We have been intensively working on this project for three months. The next stage is to get necessary certification, and then we will fully operate. First of all, we will supply ventilators to our hospitals and then we will help other hospitals of the country. This is the main positive news for today,” said the Mayor.

To date, medical institutions of the city have 323 ventilators, including 130 portable ones. There are also 250 supplemental oxygen devices and ten monitors. Supplies can partly solve the existing demand, so the production of specialized medical equipment is a strategic task. While the enterprise is planning to launch, medicines production factories in the country began working at full capacity. Kazakh Health Ministry reported that they have switched to three-shift working regime now and plan to close the current need of pharmacies for the most significant medicines.