Kazakh mechanical engineers are working on unique engineering project

Kazakh mechanical engineers are working on unique engineering project

A plant in Pavlodar is manufacturing a complex and volumetric metal construction. The order for a machine that resembles a pile driver came from a Kazakh-Chinese company. A giant metal device will be used to lift rock formations and heavy loads to the surface of the mine. The company’s representative monitors the progress of the factory’s work and commends the professionalism of the Kazakh experts. Not every plant is able to withstand the required standards, but the mechanical engineers from Pavlodar are ready to guarantee the high quality.

“We had to build similar constructions in Africa, Turkey and other countries. This is a very complex and responsible project. We spent a lot of time searching for the mechanical engineers who would be capable of implementing it. This is the first such construction in Kazakhstan. We are satisfied with the quality of the steel structure fabrication plant in Pavlodar. The work is nearing completion,” said Feng Tsai, a mechanical engineer of the Kazakh-Chinese joint venture.

Employees of the plant’s design office said that the project is very complex and requires a high geometric accuracy. Indeed, the metal structure is large in size. It is 26-meter long and 16-meter wide. 

“Of course, the complexity was in developing the tent itself, since the structure is spatial. There were a lot of small elements and markers that needed to be calculated with accuracy,” said Yekaterina Pervushina, Head of the Design Bureau.

The first structure components are ready for shipping to the customer. A few days earlier, a part of the engineering structure was checked for the quality. The machine builders of Pavlodar have also already assembled the third plane of the construction. Every detail should be verified up to each millimeter.

“This is a very serious project, which gives us great responsibility both in terms of the volume and scope of application. The design is complex, and each flange must fit together. The accuracy of the diagonals and length affects the quality of the assembly, installation and the entire manufacturing process,” said Alexander Nikonorov, plant’s steel structure fabrication shop’s foreman.

In turn, this project is a huge experience for the domestic mechanical engineers. They had never done anything like this before. 

“There were certain difficulties in reconfiguring more accurate sizes. We managed to deal with every problem. All dimensions were observed,” said the Director of the steel structure fabrication plant Gennady Krushinsky.

In just a few weeks, the machine will be taken to an operating gold ore deposit in Shemonaikhin district of the East Kazakhstan region. It will be installed on the surface of the mine. It will be used to lift the rock formations and loads, which is a key part of the production processes in the mining industry.


Photo: 24.kz