Kazakhstan plans to increase volumes of sea and river freight

Kazakhstan plans to increase volumes of sea and river freight

Nearly 2.6 million tons of cargo was transshipped through the seaports of Aktau and Kuryk within five months of 2020, press office of Kazakh Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development reported.

“Positive dynamics is maintained in container transshipment in seaports. Figures increased by 19 percent and amounted to 11,712 units,” the report said.

The maritime merchant fleet transported one million tons of cargo between the ports on the Caspian Sea from January to May 2020, which amounts to 104 percent compared to the same period in 2019. 

The income of maritime transport enterprises increased as well. Revenue grew by 12 percent, which is 1.3 billion tenge (US$3.2 million), according to the ‘energyprom.kz’ website.

As for river transportation, measures were introduced on inland waterways to ensure the timely opening of the navigation period.

Since the beginning of the navigation season, 153,000 tons of various cargoes have already been transported by river transport, including 46,000 tons of cargo in the direction to the Omsk region in Russia. This is 8 percent more than during the five months of 2019.

Kazakhstan plans to transport 1.6 million tons of cargo this year. Of these, nearly 650,000 tons of cargo will be transported to Russia. The total volume of river traffic amounted to 1.5 million tons of cargo in 2019.

“As part of the major overhaul of the navigable locks, since the beginning of 2020, the works were carried out to repair reinforced concrete structures with a total area of nearly 4,500 square meters, which is 25 percent of the annual volume,” Kazakh Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development stated in the message.

The major maintenance of all of the shipping locks in Kazakhstan will reduce the accident rate to 10.3 percent and bring throughput to 350 vessels per year.

The overhaul of navigable locks is carried out in East Kazakhstan region. The concrete restoration at the facilities with an area of more than 40,000 square meters will be completed by the end of the year. The works are being carried out as part of the ‘Nurly Zhol’ state program.

To date, the freight traffic in the Yertys basin alone stands at nearly 1.4 million tons of cargo. In the future, taking into account the increase in bilateral traffic with Russia and China, a two-fold increase in cargo turnover is aniticipated.

River navigation throughout Kazakhstan is carried out in Yertys, Oral-Caspian and Ile-Balkash basins. Today, nearly 14,000 people work in the sector.



Photo: trend.az