COVID-19 provides new opportunities for Kazakh producers

COVID-19 provides new opportunities for Kazakh producers

More than a dozen of Kazakh enterprises entered a global list of companies that produce critical goods for the fight against coronavirus. The Asian Development Bank published the results of a study on the problems of supplying critical products during the COVID-19 pandemic. The rapid spread of coronavirus showed that countries are not provided with the necessary protective medical equipment. ADB experts said that the demand for medical masks, mechanical ventilation devices, protective clothing, glasses and gloves exceeded world production. However, it became impossible to purchase these goods in other states because of the ban on export adopted by many producing countries.

“According to the World Health Organization, 89 million medical masks, 76 million gloves, 1.6 million medical glasses are needed every month to respond to the pandemic. The COVID-19 outbreak at the beginning of this year practically depleted all the world's reserves of this group of critical products, while the backlog in fulfilling production orders has already exceeded six months. The industry must increase production by 40 percent to meet the demand,” commented the study’s authors.

ADB  released an interactive map of supply chains to facilitate the search for raw materials and components necessary for the production of critical goods in the fight against coronavirus.

“To fix any supply chain problems, we need an in-depth description of what goes into these products and which companies are involved. Mapping these supply chains means that if help is needed, banks, investors, and governments can use the data to quickly relieve bottlenecks and ramp up supplies,” said ADB’s Head of Trade and Supply Chain Finance Steven Beck.

The interactive map provides names, location, turnover and other data of companies from around the world, including domestic enterprises. Kazakh manufacturers from the ADB list are located in different regions of the state and produce components or raw materials for the manufacture of medical glasses, respirators, and mechanical ventilation devices. Now they have great prospects. Being in the international list of suppliers will allow Kazakh factories to expand export and increase sales.