Kazakhstan is a successful exporter of camel milk powder on world markets

Kazakhstan is a successful exporter of camel milk powder on world markets

Kazakhstan is one of the world leaders in production and processing of camel milk. Another factory to produce the concentrated milk is planned to launch in Kyzylorda region. The construction of the factory with a capacity of up to 130 tons of products per year started last year in the Aral district. The latest technology will be used in the factory’s operation.

“The amount of investments in this project amounts to 1.5 billion tenge (US$3.7 million). We intend to complete the construction of the factory by August 1 of this year. We plan to export 100 percent of our products to global markets. The products are in great demand in international markets, including China, Europe and America,” said Nugurbek Abulgazin, Director of the company.

Experts emphasize that the project is pretty profitable. There is no shortage of production materials in Kyzylorda region. More than ten camel breeding farming families are located there. The livestock numbers amount to 50,000.

“This is an unprecedented project in Kyzylorda region. The production materials will be purchased from camel breeders of the Aral and Kazaly districts, as well as border villages of Aktobe region. We have already established milk collection points in 25 villages,” said Zharalkhan Yermakhanov, Coordinator of the milk factory construction project.

There are several modern processing factories producing camel milk powder in Kazakhstan. The factory in Mangystau region is among them. A wide range of products is produced in that factory, including shubat (a traditional Kazakh drink made of fermented camel milk), cheeses and sour milk products. In total, there are nearly 40 items produced at the factory in Mangystau region. The factory has its own certified laboratory to do the basic tests, including checking products for fat and acidity.

“There are good opportunities for export development. Russia is willing to purchase camel milk and shubat,” said Askhatzhan Ibrayev, Director of the milk factory.

The factory in Turkistan region produces up to 2,500 tons of powdered milk per year. The factory uses advanced Chinese technology of low-temperature dry sterilization, which doesn’t destroy the nutritional properties of the product.

“There are plans to produce cosmetics, yoghurts and canned goods. The factory is ready to produce up to 100 tons of milk powder per day,” said Ganibek Aubakirov, Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Industrial- Innovative Development of Turkistan Region.

Experts say that Kazakhstan can offer organic products to the whole world. Recently, another domestic factory shipped the first batch of the powdered camel milk to China. The Kazakh products will appear on the shelves of Lanzhou, the largest city of Gansu Province in Northwest China. Later, the domestic products will reach Beijing - so far, so good. The plans are to establish exports of the dried camel milk to another four provinces of China. In addition, saumal (the Kazakh word for fresh mare’s milk) is delivered to Russia and Belarus. Saumal is also presented on the Amazon website, where customers from the United States and Europe can order it.


Photo: inform.kz