E-commerce receives big impetus to develop, experts say

E-commerce receives big impetus to develop, experts say

Businesses around the world are looking for new marketing strategies in the new conditions. Companies focus on online sales, which is the so-called macro trend. E-commerce, which has been already popular, received a big impetus during quarantine, experts said. McKinsey & Company, an international consulting firm, noted an increased demand for online purchases of all types of goods. Its representatives recommend businesses to invest in this sector.

Even the oldest Chinese silk producers appreciated live streaming as a sales tool during the pandemic. They began selling their products via the live streaming on the Internet.

“After the pandemic affected direct sales, access to online platforms became mandatory for offline brands. As a time-tested brand, we had no need to go online before, but I think that the new format will become our main sales strategy in the future,” said Zhang Ningxia, art director of a Shanghai silk production company.

Representatives of a large Chinese stationery company noted the efficiency of the live streaming on the Internet as well. This approach allowed the enterprise to increase sales volumes and spread widely.
“In classic marketing, you should prepare for two to three months to finally present a new product. You need to organize events and promotions. Now we quickly reach the goal to sale via the live broadcast. Live streams are more effective, taking into account the cost of advertising,” said Chen Lin, e-commerce manager of a Chinese stationery company.

It is not the only know-how of the trading industry. Many enterprises began creating new devices for their business. E-commerce is increasingly using various IT developments such as chat bots, artificial intelligence, machine learning and bigdata. For example, American electronic trading platforms launched virtual fitting services, which are used not only for clothes, but also for large household appliances. Thanks to the technology, you can see in advance how they will look in your interior.

Kazakhstan also uses the global trends. General Director of one of the domestic online advertising platforms noted the increased interest of Kazakh citizens in online shopping.

“We think that the current situation will lead to an increase in consumer’s interest in online trade and will stimulate the business to move more actively towards e-commerce,” said Mariya Levina.

The amount of orders on another large Kazakh e-commerce platform broke all records, reaching 69 billion tenge (US$172.4 million) which is two times more comparing to last year.


Photo: tadviser.ru