Automobile industry is the most dynamically developing in Kazakhstan, says Beibut Atamkulov

Automobile industry is the most dynamically developing in Kazakhstan, says Beibut Atamkulov

In Kazakhstan, the production of auto parts will be established, and the content of cars assembled in the country will be increased to 70 percent, stated Kazakh Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development Beibut Atamkulov at a reporting meeting with the population.

“A special automotive components production center is planned to be created in Kostanai. These enterprises will supply the accessories both to domestic auto plants and abroad,” said Beibut Atamkulov.

The minister added that the most dynamically developing industry is the automotive industry. More than 50,000 cars were manufactured in Kazakhstan in 2019. 22,900 cars were manufactured in four months of 2020.

Not only the automotive industry has a positive dynamic. Beibut Atamkulov noted that it was possible to revive the light industry due to the support of small and medium-sized businesses in Kazakhstan.

“During the years of industrialization, there has been a significant shift in the development of each manufacturing industry sector. We have been able to practically revive the light industry by stimulating the SME,” he said.

Kazakhstan produces a whole range of goods made of cotton and fiber such as fabrics, carpets, children's and adult clothes, hosiery, shoes, hats and much more.

“Domestic products are as qualitative as the imported ones and sometimes even better,” noted the minister.

He said that the most developed segment of the value chain from processing to finished products has formed in this industry.

The Kazakh Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development launches projects of industrialization map every year. 556 projects worth nearly 5.2 trillion tenge (US$12.7 billion) were introduced and almost 85,000 permanent jobs were created from 2015 to 2019. 160 projects worth 1.1 trillion tenge (US$2.7 billion) with creation of over 17,000 permanent jobs are planned to be launched in 2020.