Employers must pay minimum wage for downtime due to quarantine, Kazakh Labor Minister says

Employers must pay minimum wage for downtime due to quarantine, Kazakh Labor Minister says

Enterprises can impose downtime during quarantine, which does not mean that employees will be left unpaid. Employers must take responsibility for their subordinates. This was announced at a briefing in the Central Communications Service by Kazakh Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection Akmadi Sarbasov. He said that an employer must pay at least the minimum wage to his or her employees.

“A payment of the minimum wage must be made as a guarantee for workers. Of course, downtime is not suitable for all organizations, because the reasons for the downtime should be related to those restrictive measures that may be introduced for a number of reasons. In this case, such restrictions by sanitary doctors when the activity of the enterprise is limited,” said the deputy minister.

He emphasized that employees in Kazakhstan are clearly protected by labor law. In case of non-payment, they can contact the labor inspectorate. Regulatory authorities will conduct tight monitoring. Sarbasov said that they will not take any repressive measures. The state engages in dialogue with entrepreneurs and quite successfully.

“We will continue this work as part of social partnership. I would like to thank our employers, who, despite all the restrictive measures that they have encountered, are actively fulfilling their civic position, social responsibility towards employees, taking all efforts to save jobs for our citizens,” added Akmadi Sarbasov.

The deputy minister reminded that the ministry developed an algorithm for revising applications from citizens who did not receive a social benefit of 42,500 tenge (US$102) from the state. For this purpose, you must submit an appropriate application and attach supporting documents to the district or city headquarters. Akmadi Sarbasov also noted that 4.6 million Kazakh citizens received the social payment from the state in the amount of 194.2 billion tenge (over US$468 million) during the state of emergency.



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