Kazakh beef export to grow to US$370 million by 2025

Kazakh beef export to grow to US$370 million by 2025
The Kazakh Ministry of Agriculture plans to increase the beef export to US$370 million (or 153.2 billion tenge) by 2025. Kazakh Agriculture Minister Saparkhan Omarov said that the planned indicators for each region of the country were defined and there are all prerequisites for achieving this goal. This year the additional increase in livestock production is forecasted at 4.2 percent or 2.6 trillion tenge (US$6.3 billion). Within the past four months, the gross livestock production amounted to 656 billion tenge (US$1.6 billion) and the growth of the volume index to 2.2 percent.
“In the medium term, our goal is to develop vertical cooperation with the involvement of multinational companies. The expected volume of investment due to the creation of farms will be 350 billion tenge (US$845 million). We plan to increase the export of beef to US$370 million by 2025. The farms will create more than 42,000 new jobs,” Omarov said.
He also noted that the livestock sector keeps a steady growth at the level of 4 percent.  Based on the results of the year, the gross volume of production grew to 2.3 trillion tenge (US$5.6 billion). The measures implemented last year through lending and additional subsidies proved to be effective. 
“Within the four months of this year, there has been a positive dynamic in the growth of livestock: cattle by 4.1 percent, horses by 7.6 percent, sheep and goats by 2.7 percent. Production of meat increased by 3.6 percent and of milk by 3.2 percent.  Meantime, the egg production in Kazakhstan decreased by 6 percent due to the lower demand in foreign markets,” Omarov noted.
As for attracting the foreign investors – negotiations with an American multinational corporation on the cooperation in the beef processing sector are currently underway. 
​Photo: bossagro.kz