Kazakhstan to introduce several innovative projects in coal sector

Kazakhstan to introduce several innovative projects in coal sector

According to the Kazakh Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development, Kazakhstan intends to introduce a number of projects in the coal industry.

“The explored coal reserves amount to nearly 34 million tons or 4 percent of the world’s reserves. Kazakhstan is among the ten leading countries in the world in this. In 2019, a Roadmap for the Development of the Coal Industry of Kazakhstan for 2019-2021 was developed in the country in order to further develop the coal sector,” the Kazakh Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development reported.

The roadmap includes measures for the adoption of systemic actions to support the coal industry, as well as the implementation of the new projects such as the construction of a plant specializing in production of special coke at Shubarkol Komir Joint Stock Company and the transition to cyclical-stream technology for crushing, transporting, averaging and loading coal into wagons at the Bogatyr open pit mine.

In addition, the Roadmap includes the introduction of the digital platform for the coal procurement by the population.

“This initiative was proposed last year. Then, during a meeting, coal mining companies expressed interest in using a digital platform. The National Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises plans to launch a test work on moving the coal sale to the digital platform already this year,” the Ministry specified. 

It is also planned to pursue a targeted policy of the phased stimulation of deep integrated coal processing in order to produce the products with the high added value.

“The modern technologies allow producing more than 5,000 types of processed products from coal, including ferroalloys, silicon metal, building materials, carbon black, carbon sorbents and so on,” the Ministry noted.

A number of tax preferences are provided for this sector, including the corporate income tax, land tax and property tax for the companies that will be engaged in the manufacturing of new products from coal. 



Photo: expert.ru