Housewives in Kazakhstan learn to do business

Housewives in Kazakhstan learn to do business

Kazakhstan has launched a project “Kasipker ana” (mother entrepreneur) to teach housewives to do business, telling them secrets of entrepreneurship and helping to start their own business.

“Kazakhstan has favorable conditions to set up a business. I am originally from Russia and can assure that there is no such support for startup entrepreneurs. We have a moratorium on verification, relatively low prices for utility services, loans with low interest rates and so on. We should use it. Representatives of socially vulnerable groups, especially women, have little chance of starting a business. Therefore, the “Kasipker ana” project was created to give them new skills, knowledge and to teach them to think creatively,” said the project manager Ainur Amirkhan.

Results were immediate. Many Kazakh housewives wanted to do business. According to the capital’s mayoral office, in a short time, over 200 women trained in short-term courses within the project. Many of them managed to run their own businesses.

“A mother with many children bakes pancakes, and we helped her with advertising. The demand for her products became so high that her children are now working in this small “company”. We have a lot of such success stories. The main thing is that, after training in our project, they understand that they can earn money by doing what they like at home. They teach children to work as well,” added Ainur Amirkhan.

The pandemic did not affect women who wanted to gain new knowledge. The “Kasipker ana” project shifted online during quarantine and began to educate future IT and SMM specialists, chefs, graphic designers, massage therapists, confectioners and psychologists. Only mothers with many children, single mothers, mothers of children with disabilities as well as recipients of targeted social assistance can take part in the project.

“We have the “Kasipker ana” Instagram page with a telegram-bot. Women who want to participate in our program can receive all the necessary information there,” said the project coordinator Madina Ibrayeva.

She said the training is held only online. Offline trainings will begin after the quarantine ends. Organizers said that they have a lot of ideas to help the unemployed mothers to go into a business. Each of them can easily receive a good income without leaving home.