New Environmental Code: Emission fees to improve ecological situation in Kazakhstan

New Environmental Code: Emission fees to improve ecological situation in Kazakhstan
The Kazakh Deputy Minister of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources Akhmetzhan Primkulov announced at a press briefing that the environment in the country will be improved through environment emission fees from the large enterprises. He said that such mechanism will be effective from 2025. First of all, the new rule will affect the 50 largest Kazakh enterprises, current emissions of which amount to 70 percent of all emanations.

However, the factories can avoid the fees if they will introduce new technological solutions to reduce pollution. Anyone who doesn’t want to improve their production will have to pay more. The regional authorities will use these funds to improve the environment of their regions, including the construction of parks, sewage treatment plants and landscaping. 100 percent of the payments for emissions will be used for these purposes. The size of the fees will be increased starting 2025.

The Environmental Code provides for the transition to using the best available technology. While developing and introducing this norm, we knew that it would require additional expenses of the industrial enterprises. However, we realize that without it there can be no development. Today, this is the only possible solution to improve the quality of the environment in such cities as Temirtau, Balkhash and Karagandy,” Primkulov emphasized.

In addition, the new Code implies that the industrial enterprises must give their consent to the introduction of the automated monitoring system that controls the emission sources in real time. Primkulov said that the public has the right to see the real picture of emissions volume of enterprises into the environment.

 “From year to year, the environmental community in the country is becoming more active. The Draft of the new Environmental Code aims at ensuring transparency and full public participation in environmental protection. I am convinced that the change in environmental consciousness is one of the important factors towards it. The rules of the new Environmental Code aren’t aimed at the excessive tightening or closure of enterprises. Our goal is creating an enabling environment for people to comfortably live in the cities of the country. The enterprises should become more open and provide complete and reliable information that will allow both the authorized bodies and the public to make informed decisions in improving the living conditions of the population,” Primkulov concluded.