Kazakh government agencies engage in state budget optimization

Kazakh government agencies engage in state budget optimization

The Ministries, as well as the Mayor’s and Governor’s Offices in Kazakhstan continue optimizing their expenses. In March, 2020, Kazakh Minister of National Economy Ruslan Dalenov announced that by reducing the amount of the image-sustaining and investment projects, it would be possible to save up to 300 billion Tenge (US$713.7 million).

Today, on May 13, the Mayor’s Office of Nur-Sultan announced a decrease  in expenditures by 32 billion Tenge (US$76 million).

As part of the implementation of President of Kazakhstan Kassym Jomart-Tokayev’s instruction, the work to reduce unproductive expenditures of the state and quasi-public sector has been carried out. More than 32 billion Tenge (US$76 million) were saved due to the optimization and improvement of the efficiency of business processes, as well as reorganization and elimination of overlapping functions. These funds were distributed to solution of the real social problems, improving the city’s infrastructure, supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as addressing the employment issues and other problems of concern to society,” stated the message of the Mayor’s Office of Nur-Sultan.

The Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sports also reduced its expenses. The work has been done on reducing the buildings renting expenditures by transferring  the buildings to the trust management. According to the Ministry, this will save 23 billion Tenge (US$54.7 million) of the local budget funds during the 10 to 15 years, or 1.5 billion Tenge (US$3.5 million) annually.


Photo: liter.kz