First online school for investors to open in Kazakhstan

First online school for investors to open in Kazakhstan

The international techno-park of IT startups ‘Astana Hub’ is launching an online school for investors. The first course will be held from May 25 to 29. The students will learn how to invest the money in technology companies and conduct their evaluation.

The main requirement for the course applicants is having the own capital and the desire for acquiring new knowledge in the field of venture financing. This is the first intensive course on this topic in Kazakhstan designed for entrepreneurs, top managers and business angels.

The course named ‘IT business-angel’ provides five days of online training, two academic hours a day. The students will also be taught how to create a portfolio of technology companies, structure venture deals and work as a team.

First of all, it is important to understand that it is impossible to teach a beginner how to professionally work in financial markets in a week or even a month. This is what people learn for years, if not decades. The most important thing a student should learn from the course is understanding of the basic principles of investing: what is the difference between investments and speculations, what are the types of the financial instruments and how to choose them based on personal investment preferences, as well as what legal and tax subtleties one should always keep in mind. In other words, I would not recommend striving to delve into a specific narrow area of knowledge. I think that it is better to focus on creating a broad knowledge base that in the future will allow a student to understand the general procedures and, if necessary, to be able to deal with specific issues on its own. I believe that this short, but capacious course will give a good impetus to the development of venture capital investment in our country,” said Murat Abdrakhmanov, a member of the Kazakh business-angels club ‘QazAngels’.

According to the Astana Hub press office, the graduates of the online school for investors will receive the invitation to the Invest Day in the end of their training. Invest Day is a private event, which will be held this summer, where the best startups will present their projects to a narrow circle of investors.