Enterprises in two major cities of Kazakhstan start operating

Enterprises in two major cities of Kazakhstan start operating

Some enterprises in Nur-Sultan and Almaty came back to work today. The list of such companies includes industrial companies and retail facilities, banks, notaries, dry cleaners, car dealerships, tire shops. Moreover, masters of the office equipment and agricultural service companies started working as well.

However, mayoral office of Nur-Sultan reported that non-working citizens are still strictly prohibited from leaving their homes without a certificate of permission. For example, not everyone can come to an automobile repair shop or other enterprises.

 “Only employees of those enterprises and organizations whose activities are permitted can use the services of the companies that start operating from April 20. The workers who have permission to move can use the services,” reported the capital’s investment and entrepreneurship development department.

The enterprises that start operating will take quite strict measures. Employees can enter a large building only by using an entrance card and after measuring the temperature or by going through a disinfecting tunnel. Workers can have a lunch only in special dining areas now.

Directors of enterprises should arrange transportation of their employees since the public transport does not work. Such measures were taken, first of all, for the safety of workers and prevention of coronavirus spread, the capital’s mayoral office reported.

Entrepreneurs took this matter seriously. Staff of one of the construction shops in Nur-Sultan told how the first working day passes after a long break. There are many customers, but the rules are still strict, said the outlet manager. For example, people cannot enter the building without gloves and a mask.

It is necessary to strictly observe a distance of at least two meters between customers and, of course, between a customer and a sales consultant. Wet cleaning with disinfection of door handles фе the cash desk, handrails and other surfaces will be carried out at least three times a day,” commented Sayat Shorayev, manager of the construction shop.

Thus, entrepreneurs plan to protect themselves and their customers. However, another good reason to observe all the rules is the fact that an organization’s director is responsible for the threat of COVID-19 spread. Customers should remember preventive measures as well. The quarantine in Kazakhstan will last until May 1.