China-Europe freight transportation increases despite COVID-19 pandemic

China-Europe freight transportation increases despite COVID-19 pandemic
China transports cargoes through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany. Thus, China delivered 500 tons of medical supplies to Italy, Germany and Spain. Chengdu City in the Southwest China’s Sichuan Province is among the most important cities linking up Europe and Asia.
We reoriented all supplies to the Chengdu Railway Hub. Now we are sending containers from here. Previously, the containers were shipped from the eastern or southern regions of China. The cargo is delivered to Europe and the Middle East,” said senior manager of Yusen Logistics branch Sun Yang.
More than 400 China-Europe freight train trips were made from Chengdu in the first quarter of 2020, twice as much as from January to March last year. E-commerce orders for cargo transportation increased 21 times.
We set a new record by the end of March. We carried out nearly a million of wholesale orders received through e-commerce. The total cost of freight reached US$15 million. Rail routes played a key role in the trade development,” said deputy head of the Chengdu International Railway Port Qiao Peishu.
In total, nearly 2,000 rail trips were made from China to Europe during first quarter of 2020. The volume of the container traffic increased by 18 percent. In addition, freight services save time and reduce costs. Cargo can be delivered in just 10-14 days, which is three times faster than by sea. The cost of rail delivery is four times cheaper than by air.