What enterprises to start working in Nur-Sultan and Almaty from April 20?

What enterprises to start working in Nur-Sultan and Almaty from April 20?

State commission on emergency situation made a decision on what enterprises will start working from April 20 in Nur-Sultan and Almaty.

Industrial enterprises in Nur-Sultan with nearly 35,000 workers. Some of them were working, more than 25,000 will go back to work. The next is construction industry. Due to the short construction season in north regions, it was offered to allow the work of construction companies and related industries, which include the supply of building materials for enterprises, architectural and technical supervision, standardization and certification. At the first stage, about 50,000 people will go back to work in the construction sector,” said Dauren Abayev, Kazakh Minister of Information and Social Development.

Asphalt plants will begin repairing roads. Second-tier banks will start working with a short work schedule for the issuance of pensions and benefits. Dry cleaners and laundries as well as tire fitting and repair of special equipment will go back to work. Food delivery will be allowed until 22.00.

“Thus, from 90,000 to 100,000 people will go back to work which is about 20 percent of the capital’s labor market. Kindergartens and various additional education sections, schools and universities, bars, night and game clubs, private entertainment institutions, theaters, museums and cinemas will remain closed until the lockdown ends,” added the minister.

In Almaty, all industrial and construction enterprises as well as warehouses will start working. Employees of second-tier banks, securities market, automobile repair shops, tire shops, car washes and office equipment repair centers will return to work. A total of 128,000 people will go back to full-time job staring from April 20.


​Photo: caravan.kz