Kazakh sea ports fully operational

Kazakh sea ports fully operational
Kazakh sea ports are fully operational. A sea port in Aktau exceeded its target for the first three months of the year, shipping 560,000 tons of petrochemical goods in spite of the planned 525,000. The port sent 138,000 tons of other goods. Since the start of 2020, the port received 275 ships, including 74 tankers and water transport with dry cargoes vessels. 256,000 tons of grain was shipped to Iran over the three months. More than half of Kazakh oil goes to the port of Makhachkala.
Trans-Caspian International Transport Route is becoming popular. Local producers have experienced its benefits. We export cement, building materials and some goods to Iran. More than 100 containers in the port are expected to be exported. Crews arriving at the port are prohibited from leaving the ship. The staff of our port are engaged in the shipment and loading of goods,” commented Abai Turikpenbayev, the Aktau International Sea Trade Port board member.
Another sea port in Kazakhstan, Kuryk, shipped 400,000 tons of cargoes since the beginning of 2020. This indicator is planned to be increased to 1.5 million tons until the end of the year. The port carries out loading and unloading operations of cars and wagons with goods that are exported to four countries bordering the Mangystau region. Trucks with cargoes are imported from Turkey and Ukraine.
Turkmenistan has closed its borders, and now trucks are looking for new transit routes. We have a car mooring, that is why there was a sharp increase in the number of ferries arriving to us. The port staff received nearly 700 trucks in March only. Consumer goods and food are the main supplies,” said Serik Akhmetov, CEO of Kuryk sea port.
Photo: sputniknews.kz