National Bank of Kazakhstan Recommends Cashless Payments during Pandemic

National Bank of Kazakhstan Recommends Cashless Payments during Pandemic
During the COVID-19 pandemic, people are advised to make cashless payments. The National Bank of Kazakhstan is recommending using non-cash payment in stores and pharmacies, and for online commerce. This will reduce the number of human-to-human contact hence prevent the spread of the virus.
According to the director of Cash Department at the National Bank of Kazakhstan, Zhomart Kazhmuratov, the financial regulator has no competence to comment on the likelihood of the spread of COVID-19 virus.
“The risk of spread of infection that comes from using cash is not different from the risk that comes from touching any other surface, such as handrails, door handles, credit cards and mobile phones. There are lots of other things that we touch more often. The chance that the banknotes infected with COVID-19 will go into circulation is low. Primarily, it’s because of a long storing period of banknotes after collection. In accordance with the internal regulations of the National Bank of Kazakhstan, cash received from the second-tier banks can be stored without opening for 45 days before recounting, and for one year after recounting,” Kazhmuratov said.
Previously, the World Health Organization had advised people to wash their hands and avoid touching their face after handling banknotes, because potentially banknotes could spread coronavirus.