Over 120 billion cubic meters of the gas were transported on the Kazakhstan-China route

Gas pipelines of Kazakhstan are the routes for the economic development of Central Asia. It serves as transit corridors to transport natural gas from the region’s states to markets of European Union countries and Russia. To date, over 120 billion cubic meters of the gas was transported on the Kazakhstan-China route. Kazakhstan is an important partner for Russia, China, and Kyrgyzstan in this industry. Currently, Russia holds negotiations on gas transportation to China through Kazakhstan. Experts emphasized that this transit has a positive effect on

 “The transportation of Uzbek, Turkmen, and Russian gas goes through our territory. In this regard, we are the Central Asian hub. We are located in the middle of Central Asia and many transits across our territory. Kazakhstan will try to use this advantage to the fullest in relation to the natural gas transit,” said Deputy Director Of Gas Sector Department, Kazakh Ministry Of Energy, Kuanysh Sarsekeyev.

Photo: interfax.ru