High Demand of Kazakhstan’s Industrial Oil and Fat Products in Central Asia

Kazakhstan plans to become the key exporter of industrial oil and fat products to Central Asian countries by 2025. For this purpose, Kazakh companies increase production volumes, modernize their enterprises and use advanced technologies for processing raw materials. President of Kazakhstan’s Association of Oil and Fat Union, Konstantin Nevzorov said that nearly 450,000 tons of products in the country are produced every year. More than half of these products are exported to neighboring countries

 “Our enterprises have proved that they manufacture products that are high-quality.  Production meets world standards. Our producers in Kazakhstan have the latest technologies of making mayonnaise and margarine without using trans fatty acids, ” emphasized President, Kazakhstan’s Association of oil and fat union, Konstantin Nevzorov.

Presidents of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan called 2018 as a year of breakthrough in the development of trade and economic cooperation. Trade value between the countries is expected to increase to US$5 billion this year comparing to US$3 billion in 2018. Uzbekistan is one of the major markets for Kazakhstan’s industrial oil and fat products.

“There is a greater demand for oil and fat products in Uzbekistan. For example, 14 liters of refined oil is consumed per capita, while only 9 liters are consumed in Kazakhstan. Taking into account the entire number of population, it is obvious that the country needs this volume to provide the domestic market,” said  President, Kazakhstan’s Association of oil and fat union, Konstantin Nevzorov.

Photo: ​inbusiness.kz