Research on Kazakh-Russian Relations Presented in Nur-Sultan

How does the transit of power in Kazakhstan and anti-Russian sanctions affect foreign policy priorities and relations between the two countries? The opinions of political scientists and analysts are studied by the Analytical Research Center. 30 Kazakh experts in various fields took part in a survey.

The results showed that most of the respondents noted that the relations between the two countries in economic and military areas have been improved. Experts said that despite the modern challenges, the countries maintain the spirit of good neighborliness and partnership. Last year, more than 92 percent of Kazakhstan’s trade with the Eurasian Economic Union came from Russia. The neighboring country also has a high number of operating enterprises with foreign capital in Kazakhstan. The respondents also made a number of proposals to strengthen the partnership.

“Our experts suggest removing all kinds of non-tariff barriers to trade and economic relations. They suggest on the launching of as many investment projects as possible. In my opinion, the removal of the restrictions will be solved naturally. The next step is the facilitation of cooperation expansion between scientific and expert circles of the two countries. These countries also need to develop and implement joint curricula and projects in various disciplines in the universities of the two countries,” said Director of Research Center, Andrei Chebotaryov.