Gas industry’s Сontribution to Kazakhstan’s GDP Reached 1.8%

The share of the gas industry in Kazakhstan’s GDP has reached 1.8%. In the next 10 years, the indicator is expected to double. The demand for the domestic market is increasing. 56 percent of the population is expected to be supplied with gas by 2030. Today the total gas coverage is 51 percent. The Saryarka gas pipeline was completed last year. The next step is to create distribution networks. About 2.7 million residents in 171 settlements will soon have access to natural gas starting from Kyzylorda to Nur-Sultan city. From 2020 until 2022, 62 projects worth 140 billion Tenge will be implemented in the country.


 - More than 200 projects have been implemented since 2006 under the country's gasification program. As a result, 9.5 million people are now supplied with gas. Currently, the start of construction of the second and third stages of the Saryarka gas pipeline is being discussed and a plan is being developed. The gas distribution pipeline will start from Nur-Sultan and reach Kokshetau and Petropavlovsk. This will allow supplying natural gas to all settlements along the mainline. As a result, the number of people who have access to gas will increase by an additional 3.5 million.