By 2024, Kazakhstan to Increase Export of Agricultural Products to 50%

By 2024, Kazakhstan plans to increase the export of processed agricultural products to 50 percent. The export value of agricultural products is expected to reach US$4 billion by that time. This was announced by Kazakh deputy agriculture minister, Rustem Kurmanov.

“We set a goal of reaching high redistribution and high profitability for farmers-processors. We will separately examine topics on flour export. For example, we need to maintain the export of processed flour and butter. There are also new goods in our export structure,” said Kazakh Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Rustem Kurmanov.

Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture said that today domestic agricultural products are in great demand in more than 40 countries. Kazakhstan mainly exports flour and flour products, cereals, fats and oils, confectionary as well as fish, meat and dairy products.

“We export crops and processed goods mainly to Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan. Oil and meat products are mainly supplied to China. As I said, confectionery and dairy products in the form of ice-cream are also in great demand in China. We supply meat products to the rapidly developing market of Iran. Linen and linseed oil are exported to Europe,” Kurmanov said.

Experts highlighted the importance of attracting private investments in agriculture. They also said that the value of investments in the main capital reached a record figure of over 500 billion Tenge last year.