Product Labelling as Part of EAEU Framework

Product labeling will be introduced in a pilot mode in Kazakhstan this year. This has been announced by departmental director of the Kazakh Ministry of Agriculture, Bernat Alpysbekov, at a meeting in the capital.

Currently, there are no specific labels for goods in the country. Member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union support the expansion of the list of labeled goods and urge to quickly introduce it into practice. This is due to the agreement on product labeling that was signed with the EAEU in 2018. The project entered into force on March 29, 2019.

Experts said that labeling the local products is a great step to safety and digitalization.

“Special attention is paid to members of the foreign trade activities. First of all, we will be working with them. Then other companies can also take part if they want to. Unfortunately, our entrepreneurs only care about costs. But product labeling is a beneficial project for marketing. Thus, the manufacturers can see in which territory and in what packaging their goods are located in Kazakhstan. Information about the amount, return and expiration period of the products are available. This is a great thing in terms of marketing,” said Head of Department of Kazakh Ministry of Agriculture, Bernat Alpysbekov.